Our family is excited to offer the tastiest of Organic Delights; home-grown apricots, apricot-based preserves and a variety of preservative-free dried fruits.

Unlike the supermarket product, our fresh organic apricots are ripened on the tree, building up the sugars and flavours that make them taste as apricots should.

This fruit also goes into our range of apricot-based preserves; classic apricot jam, delicious dessert sauce, sweet chutney and spicy kasundi.

Very ripe fruit is put to good use, dried in the sun without preservatives creating healthy treats that are also suitable for sulphite-sensitive kids and allergy sufferers.

We also dry other fruits, sourced from orchards in northern Victoria that share the organic food ethos and each with their own unique flavours.


Where to buy

Foremost, come to the Organic Delights stall at a farmersí market around Melbourne where you can also taste test our full range of fresh apricots, dried fruit and apricot preserves.

Our fresh apricots are available in December and January through various organic green grocers across Victoria - ask for us by name.

And finally, selected dried fruit and apricot preserves can be purchased through online and shop outlets.


About us

Our farm is located in the Goulburn Valley near Shepparton, Victoria. Aside from the apricot orchard and fruit drying, we also raise beef cattle and grow timber trees. Our four kids are too young to help around the farm yet, but they are only to happy to consume any apricot they can get their hands on. We hope that you delight in the flavours of our fruit products as we do.

Business name: RS & TL Bowman t/a Organic Delights

ABN: 21 609 336 756

Address: 417 Starritt Road TATURA 3616 VIC

Phone: 04 0705 8829

Email: products@organicdelights.com.au

Web address: www.organicdelights.com.au

Organic  Delights

apricots - dried fruit - preserves

ripe apricots on branchsun-drying apricot halves